What Janitors Do For A Living

No, no, no. They are not what you would call trailer trash. Well, some of you anyway. Speaking of which. That is something they do. And they do it pretty well too. They are cleaning out other people’s trash. They are even cleaning out the bins as well. They are even sanitizing them. Janitorial services in New Orleans, LA will be including this task on their list of janitorial duties, particularly if wide awake customers request this.

They are wide awake because they know what harm unsanitary garbage disposal units could cause their environs as well as its surroundings. They also know the harm this could cause to the natural environment too. And janitorial services could also include this task on their duty roster. They could do a bit of recycling work while supervising the garbage disposal, making sure that everything that needs to be picked out is being pitched out in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Janitorial services in New Orleans, LA

No, how can that be. Janitors are not trailer trash. They are clean living folks. They are doing other people, people who should know better, a good service indeed. Janitors earn an honest living. Earn? Well, let’s hope so. Let’s hope they are getting paid a decent salary at the end of each month. After all, it is not as though they are charging you the earth to clean your premises. Perhaps the more outspoken cleaners could be charging you.

Charging you with your responsibilities. It is also your responsibility to help keep the environment clean. Janitors also have families to go home to. They also need to rest. After all the hard work these guys and girls do for you, surely they deserve a break too. You could give them a bonus too.