I Was Arrested for a Crime I Did Not Commit; What Should I Do?

If you have been arrested for a crime that you did not commit, you share a common problem that people experience on a daily basis. The system certainly has its flaws and this is among the biggest of them all. It’s frustrating, especially knowing that you are innocent, yet still must spend time behind bars. What should you do if you are wrongly arrested?

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First and most importantly, do not resist arrest under any circumstances, no matter how right you feel that you are at that point in time. Some people wrongly assume they may resist arrest if they feel they are innocent but this is untrue and results in added charges and more problems with the police officers. Be as polite and as cooperative as possible during the arrest.

Once you make it to jail, call a bailbonds Vista company. Agencies like Acme Bail Bonds offer 24-hour service that helps you get out of jail no matter what time of the day or night you are arrested. Bail bond companies charge just 10% of the original bond amount and give you time to better prepare for the case.

Talk to an attorney. Most attorneys offer consultations upon request at no cost. This time can be used to discuss the case and the possible outcomes, defenses, etc. The lawyer will do all that he can to protect his clients’ best interest, especially when they are not guilty of the crime.

Going to jail is scary and frustrating, especially if you are not guilty of the crime. Make sure to prepare for the case if you are innocent. The information above helps anyone better prepare to fight a criminal case they are innocent of committing. Use this information to your advantage.